ברוכים הבאים לכלכלה החדשה
כאן תוכלו לשאול, לשתף ולדבר
אודות המטבע הדיגיטלי המבוזר.
אנחנו קוד חברתי פתוח, כנסו.
כאן מכבדים ביטקוין

Welcome to the new economy
Here you can ask, share and talk
new decentralized cryptocurrency
This is an open source community
Bitcoin accepted

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The Bitcoin emɃassy TLV is all about the people of the new economy. It is a physical venue for all things Bitcoin. A place, for all walks of local and global community: inquirers, users, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, media etc.

Everyone is invited, information is free.

We came to realise that Bitcoin and other alternative currencies need a place in the physical realm, same as a bank branch is the physical place where the ‘old’ economy ‘socializes’. With the bitcoin economy an emɃassy will serve this social function. The ‘architecture’ of the emɃassy reflects the base concept of decentralized currency, by functioning as an open social code.

The emBassy’s DNA is driven by openness and clarity, it extends an invitation. It is not a ‘for profit’ organization, yet it serves as a facilitator/platform for many bitcoin initiatives. The emɃassy model strives to achieve sustainability by the support of the projects it incubates.

Some of the emɃassy’s inflow derives from direct use of the space, the ground floor is a Bitcoin Cafe & Shop, a place to socialize on a cup of coffee and shop for bitcoin related products, our gallery floor is rented to bitcoin companies which enjoy the proximity to the community, we also have a bitcoin ATM arriving at the emBassy which will allow people to easily purchase bitcoins.

The emɃassy promotes and hosts meetups and activities such as: Satoshi Square – A Weekly Face to Face sell & buy Bitcoins event, Weekly Live instructions – ‘How to open your first Bitcoin E-wallet’ and other social gatherings.

Other projects that are currently running in the TLV emɃassy:

  • Byte – A Cryptocurrency Innovation Lab, focused to accelerate the process of bringing the benefits of the cryptocurrency revolution to the world.
  • Bitcoin tourism center – creating the biggest Bitcoin social network, while establishingIsrael as global finance center and TLV as a bitcoin tourism destination.
  • Business crypto currency consulting services – a consulting firm which offers companiesand organizations consulting in crypto currency.
  • emɃassy merchandise brand – calling all artists to make their vision and creatingBitcoin inspired merchandise line, world wide oriented distribution.
  • emɃassy’s Broadcast – A Weekly Web Show bringing the Bitcoin daily talk-aboutto the mass.
  • Miss Bitcoin – A first of it’s kind in the world event, targeted to women, who would like to make their first steps into the new economy
  • Bitcoin press room – helping the media to reach the right person/expert to interview about crypto currency.

Open Code

Our emɃassy is community based and it is set to replicate within each bitcoin community around the world. Our vision is that every emɃassy will be completely autonomous and there will be no franchize model, there will be ‘export’ of ‘know how’ sharing and enhancing branding, merchandise and any other developments achieved by each emɃassy.