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The Lamassu Bitcoin ATM is an easy 3 step solution to buy bitcoins for cash under 1000 ILS. It operates during all emBassy opening hours. Made by Lamassu, hosted at the emBassyTLV and operated by Bits of Gold, the ATM also represents many aspects of the innovation and community surrounding the emBassy.

Every week Gil Assayag conducts a Bitcoin security workshop at the emBassy, free and open for the public to come and learn everything about opening a secure Bitcoin wallet. (Sun, 17:00)

Ask the Experts with Alef Bit is a weekly open panel, taking place at the emBassy and on Facebook every Thursday, with an expert volunteers for the public to freely ask any question regarding 21st century economics. (Thu, 19:00)

The Satoshi Square meetup is where bitcoin buyers and sellers can meet. The meetup takes place in many locations worldwide, and here at the emBassy TLV we host one every week. Come drop by even if you don’t plan on trading, we have lots of fun! (Sun, 19:00)

We at the emBassyTLV are huge fans of Bitcoin. As part of getting our fix, we had to produce merchandise for bitcoin addicts. Our T-shirts, pins, stickers and more Bitcoin goods are for sale at the emBassyTLV.

The Bitcoin Diplomatic Conference is a collaborative group of embassies sharing and collaborating on community initiatives. The conference allows communities and embassies around the world to copy, modify and recreate these initiatives for everyone’s benefit.